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Deborah Dorward

I love the Ice Cream at Milk and Honey in Canton, Oh. I have been eating their Ice Cream since I was a kid and still go there to this day. It still looks the same as it was when I was little. My absolute favorite is the Chocolate with huge chunks of Peanut Butter. Soooo Good!


Have you tried Wallhouse Coffee and Ice Cream in Sugarcreek? They produce their ice cream on site. It is THE premium Ice Cream. Just ask the locals. They mix in up to three condiments by hand. My own favorite mix may be a little weird but I love it! Vanilla Ice Cream with mix-ins: coconut, chopped pecans, and fresh coffee grounds. Oh my! Yummeee!

Rian Whitman

How can one forget Graeter's an Ohio based ice cream shop. My favorites are black rasperry chip and cookie dough chip.

Penny Van Vlerah

Dietsch's in Findlay was one of Trip Advisor's best ice cream places in America. That and Graeter's are my favorites

Beth Lynch

How could you leave off Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs?!?!? Best homemade ice cream in Ohio!

Joe Vargo

Lara, I will eat ice cream all year-round - twice, three times a day if I could! I can't tell you how many times in the past month my wife and I have skipped dinner to get a cone instead.

Lara Kretler

Joe, do you eat ice cream all year long, or just when it's warm out? I'm a summer-only ice cream person. I just can't think about eating it when it's cold outside. So I am VERY excited that ice cream season is finally upon us! And I must guiltily admit that I like Cold Stone quite a bit... but also love Jeni's and others that you've mentioned, of course.


A few more central Ohio ice cream places Mardi Gras for exotic flavors, Knight's (Westerville) Johnson's (Bexley), Weldon's (near Buckeye Lake).

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