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Tom Jacobs

Kewpee is a must eat!!! Really fresh toppings. It even has it's own smell, like no other!!

Lara Kretler

Whoa, wait a minute - where's Sumburger in Chillicothe? That is truly the best burger in Ohio! My husband and I have often made the drive from Columbus just for an amazing Sumburger. If you haven't tried it, you need to. The burgers - and the entire Sumburger 1950s drive-in experience - are worth a drive! Find them at

Joe Vargo

I'm a veggie burger guy (I know, blasphemy!) My favorite is the veggie burger at Northstar Cafe (3 locations in Columbus.) It's made with beets, grains, and legumes and I'd say it holds up to any other burger on the list.

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