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Dominique King

Bob-I didn't see/feel and ghosts while I was there (I stayed in the newer wing like you did), and I'm not sure how I would react if I did! At least you and your girlfriend have a story of your own to tell, though. Thanks for sharing.

bob presnell

My girlfriend and I just stayed at the manor on7/24 and 7/25 2012 in the new side ,we expreienced several odd things in our room! The first morning we woke up without the alarm on the clock because we DID NOT set it nor did we for the following moening But at6:00 sharp the alarm goes off on its own!!!Clocks dont do this by themselves!!Also she claimed to have been pinched on the rear end ,thinking it was me she looked up in the mirror and no one was there ,I was sitting on the bed!Iwent to the library the last nite by myself for several hour and nothing happenedthough

Dominique King

Malika-I love the haunted stories, too. Let us know if you do go on the tour in October.


Call me crazy but I love Haunted stuff. I watch shows like that on TV when time permits. I might have to call for info for 10/14 tour.

Dominique King

The tours are regularly scheduled for the first Friday in June, July, August and September. I called Punderson and learned that the tours quite popular, so they added October 14 to the tour schedule for this year.

jeff evers

hi, when are the next tours for this year?

Dominique King

Heather-That sounds like a great story! I've heard that Waynesville was a major center of Underground Railroad activity. Do you know if the train station had a history as an Underground Railroad stop?

Heather Beyant

I live in Waynesville so there are many haunted stories to share! Being sensitive my favorite would have to be my first remembered encounter when I saw the slaves hiding under what used to be a train station in the house I grew up in!

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