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Congrats on your first cache find! Great discovery wasn't it? We still remember our first find which was over 8 years ago! And Kudos to Ohio State Parks for allowing the great family game of geocaching on their lands! My family and I have geocached in over 30 Ohio state parks and plan on adding more! Visiting and exploring these great Ohio parks all because of geocaching! Many times, we've camped in the state park campground while traveling for the geocaching in that part of the state. Sadly, many Ohio County & City park districts still do not allow geocaching at this time. :-( Geocachers are responsible outdoorsmen & women, we respect the natural environment and do all we can to ensure these areas remain protected. We practice "Leave No Trace" principles and "CITO: Cache in and trash out". We give back in numerous way too such as organized clean up parties in the parks. Hopefully these other parks will come around someday and see that we're a great visitor to attract.
Cache well Abbey! Did you guys choose a geocaching name yet?
Dan, the hiking viking
Akron, Ohio

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