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Pete Boland

If ever on the far Westside of metro Cleveland stop at ZZ's Big Tpo in Avon at the corner of Detroit Rd & Nagel Rd. Cheese & Hambergers are simple, but the flavor of the meat is "to die for!" I am an avid Thumans Cafe fan. Best bar food anywhere! ZZ's burgers set the flavor standard!

Rev. Dave

This list is very misleading. My wife & I decided to visit these different places to try out the different burgers & rate them ourselves. #1 is the Swensons burger: While this was a nice experience, what with the the carhops great attitudes & the quickness of their service, I would say the burger was average at best, juicy with little flavor.
#2 Kewpee Burger: This burger is a good, old fashioned juicy & tasty burger. Very good. Much like the juicy burgers that Wendy's used to have.
#3 Thurman cafe: "The Thurmanator" is one awesome burger. Not only does this burger look impressive, it tastes just as good. Bring a healthy appetite, you will need it. This burger is loaded with taste. The staff here is very friendly, will most certainly return.
#4 Fathead's Saloon: When we got here we told the girl that sat us That we were there to try Ohio's 4th best burger. The manager came to talk to us & when we told him we were going to try the "gargantuan burger". He told us they had no such burger. When we showed us the picture he informed us it wasn't a burger but a steak sandwich called the "Headwich". Since we were there for a burger we tried "The Triple Bypass Burger". While this burger was loaded & very juicy, the meat had very little taste. The atmosphere, was great, the beer & service even better, but the burger left a little to desire.
#5 Tank's Bar & Grill: Tank's is a regular hangout of ours & the Tankburger is one tasty burger. I will say that since Tank's opened a new kitchen a couple years back, the Tankburger doesn't seem to quite as good as it used to be. The neighbor hood bar atmosphere is great, the people very friendly & you certainly get your moneys worth @ Tank's. Best breakfasts anywhere!

Mark Murray

Try Graffiti Burger in Dublin, OH! Much like Five Guys, but better!


That's not a burger in the Fatheads picture. It is a Headwich.


Hey Dan - There is no picture for Kewpee. Just Swensons, Thurman's, and Fathead's, like the photo captions clarify. Kewpee rocks!

jake simms

Ive been to those places on the list, The feve in Oberlin has by far the best burger i've ever had!thanks


People need to get off the swenson thing it's just a cult following, cause it really ain't all that kinda sucks if you ask me!

Lee Hawkins

You apparently haven't tried B of Mike Symon's creations with locations in Westlake, Strongsville, and Downtown Cleveland inside Horseshoe Casino. These burgers (pick one--they're all incredible) are so good that they literally taste amazing without a single condiment. I have to say they are right up there with Swenson's, perhaps better even.


The Kewpee is a great burger but the picture is NOT a Kewpee burger and they do not use table cloth's or plate's. SO do not use the picture as a judge of what they look like. The Kewpee uses fresh buns made daily at Nickles Bakery right here in Lima and the beef is ground frsh and never frozen. The beef is also grown local and butchered fresh every day. But if want a great burger definitely stop in and try them. You will be completely satisfied. They also have great fries and home made chili.


Best burger joint in Ohio since 1948 is Bearden's in Rocky River, Ohio just west of Cleveland. Stop in for their famous Bearden's Burger or Peanut Burger and watch the train, hear it whistle. Not to be missed.


I noticed a few typos from my damb auto correct! It is the Big Bill, not Bull! Lol


Please visit the Windsor Pub on Tallmadge Ave in Akron. Their "Big Bull" is incredible! Insanely great! Hot sauce &a total yummyness! Swensona is 1/4 mile from my house & I bypass for the "Big Bill"

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