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Phil B. Soencksen

If you haven't been to Kent, Ohio, lately, you haven't seen the wonderful renaissance of this classic college town.

After a visit, you'll want to add Kent State to this list.

Not only has the downtown been revitalized with a ton of new construction, the old standards are still there, too, with improvements.

The campus is being transformed with the construction of three new buildings. The new student green has created a new venue for concerts and other performances while the esplanade extension has connected campus to downtown with a wide, tree-lined walkway.

The Kent State Museum houses fascinating exhibitions and the newly opened May 4 Visitor Center provides an outstanding and moving educational experience that provokes thought and discussion.

There are numerous art galleries on campus and in town. Downtown Kent is home to more venues for live music than you can shake a drumstick at, as well as several well-known music festival events each year.

Check it out and see what people are calling "Northeast Ohio's rising college town!"

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